Physics Lab

Our physics lab is well equipped with various scientific and electronic equipments with all safety measures and tips and is also well arranged. The lab is spacious enough to accommodate 32 students at a time, The room is well informed with scientific pictures and charts for all the needed explanation by which the students are helped in all means.

Chemistry Lab

The chemicals are of good range and kept in different shelves accordingly so that students may not be confused of concentrated and dilute acid. Each individual is provided with apparatus, Bunsen burner and with necessary chemicals for their experiments. Each experimental table is provided with two wash basin on either sides and is well equipped.

Biology Lab

Biology lab has different models, permanent slides, charts etc. for getting more clear idea. The equipments are well arranged. Individual attention and guidance is given.

Computer Lab

Computer lab is fully fledged. children learn the basics of computer science to the most complicated applications here. It well equipped and with internet connectivity. At time 25 students can access the lab facilities.

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