Through a great deal of perseverance in 1968, under the guidance of FACT, a thatched roof school was established in the township, with Mrs. Rajalakshmi Nair as the in-charge of the institution.

The school was a dream project of Late Mr.M.K.K. Nayar, then the CMD of FACT, was aimed especially for the FACT employee’s children, became an effective one.

In January 1969, the seat of the principal was first decorated and honoured by K.N.P Nair. Later in 1971, the effort to affiliate the school to Indian Certificate of Secondary Education was a step toward a successful achievement.

In the consecutive year Mr.A.S.M.Sinha was appointed as the principal who administered the institution from 1973 – 1980 followed by Mr.Gilbert as the next principal in 1980. Dr.Joseph, an acclaimed person, handled the office of principal for the undefinable duration from 1983 to 2000. The fifth person to administer was Mr.Clarance Pande during 2001 to 2004.

The school had enjoyed a special care and attention from FACT Management in the beginning of two or three decades. Ultimately, by the end of the last decade, the financial crisis and other related problem of it, adversely affected the progress of the school in different ways, which include the implement of new projects, replacement of retired staff and other, continued till the year 2004.

Finally the management handed over the administration of school to MES Calicut. The Muslim Educational Society is one of the renowned pioneers in the field of education, found by an aminent personality Dr.P.K.Abdul Gaffoor.

Under the new management, the school had regained its past glory and achieved many more. In 2004, D.Gopinathan Nair was appointed as the principal, who gave his better time for the progress of the school. And Mr.M.Babu Varghese, then the Vice-Principal, took charge as the principal in 2009, continuing his term, with his new effective ideologies for the smooth running of the school.

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