The course of studies is oriented towards the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (year - 10) and the Indian School Certificate (Year - 12) Examination.

The medium of instruction is English, the international language of today. Malayalam and Hindi, however have a vital role in the curriculum. The education at MES Udyogamandal School will be liberal and universal; but at the same time it will be Indian and firmly rooted in Indian culture and tradition. The curriculum will, therefore, embrace: English (Literature and language), the mother tongue, History, Geography, Social Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art and Craft. An additional subject of prime importance is Value Education.

A high standard of English is required for success in the lCSE and ISC Examinations. Therefore the use of English in the school Campus is compulsory.


Freezing Bell 9.15 am.
Assembly Bell 9.16 am.
Ist Period 9.30 am. to 10 .10am.
IInd period 10.10 am. to 10.50am.
Recess 10.50 am. to 10.58 am.
IIIrd period 10. 58am. to 11.35 am.
IVth period 11.35 am. to 12.10 pm.
Lunch break [Mon-Thu] 12.10 pm. to 12.45 pm.
Friday 12.10 pm. to 1.30 pm.
First bell 12.45 pm.
Second bell 12.50 pm
Vth period 12.50 pm to1.25 pm
VIth period 1.25 pm to 2.00 pm
Recess 2.00 pm to 2.08 pm
VIIth period 2.08 pm to 2.45 pm
VIIIth period 2.45 pm to 3.20 pm
IXth Period [Std.VII-XII] 3.20pm to 3.55pm
Friday [AN]
First bell 12.55 pm
Second bell
Reading time -1.30pm
5th period 1.30 - 2.05 pm
6th period 2.05 - 2.40 pm
Recess 2.40 - 2.45 pm
7th period 2.45 - 3.20 pm
8th period 3.20 – 3.55 pm.


Education at MES Udyogamandal School may be described as development of personality taking place over a period of time. At MES Udyogamandal School, we believe in grooming all aspects of a child, besides academics. Here we search for the latent God given talent in each child and hence encourage their participation in co-curricular activities. They are confronted with challenges to excellence that they may appreciate and confront with confidence.

Sports and games have been given due importance in MES Udyogamandal School. Athletics is encouraged since the School believes that healthy competition in the play ground contributes to the development of Co¬operation, discipline sportsmanship, fair play and other Qualities most needed in future leaders. Student council, Social service, House system and training in various cultural and literary activities at school help our students discover their potential reserve energy and develop their talents. MES Udyogamandal School promotes a plethora of co-curricular activities through out the year to discover the latent talent in each child.


SUPW may be described as purposeful, manual work resulting in either goods or services which are useful to the community. It is not education plus work but education in or through work. The objective of SUPW is to inculcate a positive attitude in children regarding team work and socially desirable values like self-reliance, dignity of labour, tolerance, co-operation, sympathy and helpfulness. SUPW, based on the Gandhian Philosophy of Basic Education occupies an important place in the curriculum. It has been given the status of a full fledged subject in Std. IX to XII. A pass in SUPW is essential for the awarding of the ICSE and ISC certificates. The assessment will be internal but a proper record of the student's attitude is to be kept. The school has designed a set programme for the successful implementation of the subject.

The classroom is not the only place where the children learn. The environment and society are also sources through which the children acquire development and knowledge. Therefore, the parents are requested to involve themselves in making their children aware of the responsibilities at home and to the society. They should be encouraged to render services at home and to their neighbours. The services may take the form of helping parents in cleaning the house, making beds, polishing their shoes, assisting in the kitchen, helping with shopping, helping in the garden, visiting the sick, teaching children in the neighbourhood and so on. Kindly give your ward a specific job to do which will last for 20 - 30 minutes each day.


All absence from school, even with prior permission of the Principal, must be .explained by the parent, in the 'Absent Record' in the diary before it can be condoned and the student admitted into class. If the leave is more than three days, besides the note in the diary, an explanation in the form of a leave letter must be added to it which should be sanctioned by the Principal.


Discipline is needed for the smooth running of the school. Punctuality, Neatness, Uniformity of dress, Courtesy, Consideration for others and a Co-operative spirit are insisted upon. We do encourage initiative and positive expressions of creative work. Our aim is that self discipline should become part of every student's way of life.

Discipline does not destroy freedom and autonomy. Freedom and responsibility, have to be learnt slowly in an atmosphere in which students exercise judgment and make free choice about matters appropriate to their age and level of understanding. Student's mistakes are tolerated as part of the process of growing, but repeated mis¬behaviour which destroys the spirit of the school and hinders other students from growing peacefully is not tolerated, even if this causes pain to the parents of the non co-operative students.

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