The co-curricular calendar consisting of cultural and literary segments replete with events. The activities of this domain commences in the month of June. Each month is particularized for an activity under the guidance of teacher in – charges and spear headed by the house captains. The school has nine actives clubs that ceates the holistic growth of the children.

Literary club help the students to imbibe strong cultural values confidence and creativity.

Eco club is playing a vital role in inculcating awareness in students to protect nature.

Interact club promotes leadership and responsible citizenship in children.

Public speaking and Debating club helps the students to explore the richness of English language and perfect communication skills.

Arts club : Art is the best expression of what has been thought and imagined. It brings out the hidden talents of children and they are given training in various art forms.

Science club is very actives to keep the students in touch with scientific world.

Maths club helps to sensitize children about the subject and the latest developments in the field of modern mathematics.

Quiz club : The objective of Quiz club is to encourage and motivate students in their quest of knowledge.

Sports club : Games is an integral part of school curriculum. Compulsory games is a unique feature of MES Udyogamandal School. Games is made compulsory for all the students from class 7 and above and th4ey are expected to take active part in this from 3.45 pm – 4.25 pm everyday. For classes 1 – 6 physical training period is scheduled in their time – table.

Other important activities are Balajanasakhyam, Karate, Yoga and Dance.

Balajanasakhyam as a students organization functioning in the school aiming at helping the unfortunate and needy.

Karate : One of the most famous martial arts practiced to keep the body toned and fit children are attending Karate classes with enthusiasm and excitement.

Yoga the union of Jeevathma and Paramathma – the self and the diving. A professional yoga teacher instructs children in this age old practice.

Dance : It moulds out the hidden talents of art. It enhances the students to give out their new varied in creations under the able guidance of the teacher.


Moderators of Activities – 2015-16
1. Morning Assembly Shirley Antony, Geetha Ajai, Ancy K John, Surya CS, Kunju Kunju VJ
2. Prayer song Sreelatha P, Sheeba K
3. Assembly News & Thought for the day Rajani Suraj, Sasikala B, Jiffy John
4. Assembly talks Anitha Jose, Salini Suresh, Dhanya Rajan, Nisha Muhammed
5. Substitution work Allotment Sreekala PR, Rajani Suraj, Sheeba K, Ravindra Baliga
6. Terminal Exam Arrangements Sheeba K, Ravindra Baliga, Rajani Suraj, Sreekala PR
7. ICSE/ISC Exams Sudhakaran Nair KK, Sheeba K
8. External Exams Sheela A, Smitha K, Surya CS
9. Excursion committee Sudhakaran Nair KK, Sreekala S, Jiffy John
10. School Annual Bindu Felix, Sinara Hameed, Nisha Muhammed, Babu VK
11. Band Geetha Ajai, Sheela A
12. Yoga Sandhya P, Dhanya MU
13. Dance Sreekala S, Christina Joseph
14. Karate Preethy CV, Stephy PS
15. Interact club Sudhakaran Nair KK, Sinara Hameed
16. Eco club Geetha Ajai, Surya CS
17. Quiz club Sreekala PR, Smitha K
18. Science Club Shirly Antony, Sudhakaran Nair KK
19. Maths Club Sheeba K, Sheela A
20. Arts Club Babu VK, Saniyo Fernandez
21. Sports club Kunju Kunju, Smitha K
22. Literary club Rajani Suraj, Nisha Muhammed
23. Public speaking & Debate club Bindhu Felix, Dhanya Rajan
24. Debate Club Anitha Jose, Salini Suresh
25. Balajana Sakhyam Geetha Ajai, Sasikala B
26. Instrumental Music Dhanya Rajan, Saniyo Fernandez
27. Elocution & Extemporaneous speech competition Anitha Jose, Sinara Hameed, Dhanya MU, Luxy Louiz
28. Music competition Sreelatha P, Saniyo Fernandez, Jisha Varghese, Preethy CV
29. Ramzan celebration Sinara Hameed, Nisha Muhammed, Linda Grace Roy
30. Debate, Declamation and Mock interview competition Bindhu Felix, Susan George, Dhanya Rajan, Salini Suresh, Dhanya MU
31. Group Dance&Solo Dance competition Geetha Ajai, Sheela DO, Sreekala S, Stephy PS
32. Independence & Republic day celebrations Kunju Kunju VJ, Ancy K John, Luxy Louiz, Sandhya P
33. Onam celebrations & Onappattu Competition Sheela DO, Salini Suresh, Ancy K John
34. Inter school cultural competitions Sudhakaran Nair KK, Anitha Jose, Jiffy John, Sreelatha P
35. Tripple Sundae& dumb charade Competitions & Thanks giving day celebration Shirly Antony, Jisha Varghese, Christina Joseph, Linda Grace Roy
36. Drama & Fancy dress competition Sreekala PR, Rajani Suraj, Susan George, Babu VK
37. Kerala Day celebration Sreelatha P, Sinara Hameed, Preethy CV, Sandhya P
38. Group song & Instrumental Music competition Surya CS, Ravindra Baliga, Saniya Fernandez, Christina Joseph
39. Quiz competition Smitha K, Linda Grace Roy
40. Children’s day celebrations Bindhu Felix,Sasikala B, Susan George, Sreekala S
41. Sports day Kunju Kunju VJ, Sreekala PR, Smitha K, Ravindra Baliga
42. Annual day Sudhakaran Nair KK, Shirley Antony, Dhanya Rajan
43. X’mas day celebration Anitha Jose, Luxy Louiz, Sreelatha P, Jisha Varghese
44. Arts & Science Exhibition Sudhakaran Nair KK, Stephy PS, Babu VK
45. Farewell Std. XII Sheela DO, Anitha Jose
1. Appolo House Bindhu Felix
2. Sputnik House Smitha K
3. Pioneer House Shirley Antony
4. Viking House Sreekala PR

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